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  • Safe purchase
  • Total privacy
  • Without revealing the password
  • star-symbol 4.87 Star rating from consumers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll choose a plan, make your payment securely, inform your @ on Instagram and that's it. Now just wait for the followers and likes to arrive.

All the followers you will receive are Real followers from your country. Contrary to what other websites do, we will not give you Arabic or Russian followers.

Yes. Even because we will NEVER ask for your password. All we need is your @ on Instagram.

We already served more than 38,000 customers and we have never had any account blocked to this day. On the contrary, the feedback we receive from these people is very positive.

Getting followers naturally can take a long, long, long time. Meanwhile, people who buy followers grow fast and already pass credibility to their customers, partners and admirers. As our system is secure, confidential and already includes likes, you only benefit by buying followers.

We are simply the most loved website by customers. We have a score of 4.9 (the maximum is 5.0). That's because we supply real followers, we have humanized support and we guarantee total satisfaction.

No. We only ask for your username and that means we don't even have control over your Instagram account. You don't need to follow anyone.

No. Your profile needs to be open to receive new followers.

We have no loyalty period or contract clauses to lock you in. You can cancel the service at any time.

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Why should you buy followers on Instagram in 2024?

When it comes to your online presence and a solid marketing strategy, the number of Instagram followers greatly dictates your success, in how your client or the people who have been accessing your profile will perceive you as someone who will have credibility or not.

Not to mention that having a large number of followers not only increases the visibility of the person or the brand, but it also influences the users’ purchasing decisions.

Besides that, with the Instagram algorithm constantly changing, it's becoming more and more challenging to rely solely on traditional methods to grow your profile.

Followers play a significant role in shaping online presence and impacting purchasing decisions

Having a large number of followers on Instagram goes beyond just being a metric. Because, as we commented previously, this number will help other people to decide what influence level that the person or the brand has on the network.

Let’s give an example: When a profile has a solid follower’s base, he tends to gain authority and credibility, don’t you agree? In other words, does this profile end up becoming attractive to potential clients and business partners?

The followers there will become a form of social proof. When you see a profile with a lot of followers, it’s more likely to trust what you see and will end up feeling more comfortable taking purchasing decisions based on pre-established trust.

Certainly, purchasing authentic followers can greatly amplify your online visibility and elevate conversion rates.

Purchasing followers significantly enhances the visibility of both individuals and brands

As mentioned above, one of the main benefits of buying followers on Instagram is the visibility’s increase. When you acquire followers, this will generate a herd effect, making people interested in seeing what you would have to add to their lives.

This leads to an increase in organic followers. Furthermore, the once puzzling Instagram algorithm will soon become easier to manage and navigate.

Therefore, this practice of buying followers, allows you to generate momentum to your Instagram’s visibility. This means that more people will see your posts, will interact with your profile and, consequently, you will have more chances of reaching new followers organically.

It’s getting harder and harder to depend on the algorithm to increase your profile

Overtime, Instagram’s algorithm has become increasingly complex and unpredictable. The growth practices that were adopted long ago are no longer sufficient for you to succeed on Instagram today.

A large number of users and brands have observed a decrease in the effectiveness of traditional organic growth methods.

That’s why buying followers on Instagram has become such a popular strategy. By investing in genuine followers, you’re not solely dependent on the algorithm to expand your audience.

Instead of it, you are acquiring a solid followers base that will help to boost your metrics and increase your visibility in the platform.

5 Precautions that you need to take when buying followers

The service’s quality as a whole

Be attentive to the quality of the service that was offered. There are a lot of websites around the internet that offer real followers, but not all of them will fulfill those promises.

For this, we recommend you to make a test purchase to validate whether the suggested followers are truly real, because this will give you a predictability if the service really delivers what it promises.

Besides that, verify the quickness of the follower’s delivery, because it’s important that your service begins within 1 hour to 8 hours and be finished in a maximum deadline of 24 hours.

Check carefully if the service will experience a drop, and if it does, observe whether within 48 hours the number of followers increases again - this is called follower replacement. In case of any loss after the purchase, the website's system can recover the lost followers.

This loss is more common than you think, because the services provided are on Instagram, a third-party platform, and new functionalities are added every month, causing certain instabilities in its system.

The Website’s security when buying followers

A vital aspect to keep in mind when purchasing Instagram followers is the website's security. Ensure that the website doesn't require your password, as providing this information could jeopardize the security of your account.

Besides that, make sure that the website has the SSL security certificate, so that your personal information can be protected during the transaction.

It’s also interesting to verify if the website offers various safe payment methods. This ensures that you have different options to choose the payment method that better fits your needs and preferences.

At FollowTurbo, our trusted business partners, including Monetizze and, process millions of reais daily. Furthermore, our checkout features cutting-edge encryption, and we don’t ask for your password.

Is support provided by humans or robots?

When it comes to buying followers on Instagram, it's crucial to have customer-focused support, efficient, and most importantly: with real people assisting you.

So, before choosing a service, test the support at different times, such as on a Sunday afternoon, to verify if the assistance is provided by real people or automated robots.

Having human support can make all the difference if you encounter any issues or need assistance during the purchasing and post-purchase process.

The company’s reputation on Reclame aqui and PROCON

Before choosing a follower purchasing service, it's essential to verify the company's reputation on websites like Reclame Aqui and PROCON. These platforms provide valuable information about the company, such as any complaints or legal proceedings.

Verifying if there are any delays on PROCON and Reclame aqui can help you to avoid possible future problems and ensure that you are choosing a reliable service.

Refund guarantee

Finally, ensure that the service offers a refund guarantee for any dissatisfaction or purchase regrets. Having this guarantee is a sign that the company trusts the quality of the service offered and is willing to refund the customer if they are not satisfied.

What’s the best site to buy followers on Instagram?

We've already highlighted some aspects you need to consider when buying followers, and Follow Turbo has earned the title of the best website for buying followers, because we:

Comparing all Instagram follower purchase websites, you'll notice that Follow Turbo is the only one that offers all of this together.

We are, for example, the only website that offers an intelligent dashboard.

While on other follower purchasing websites, you may remain in the dark, unaware of the growth rate of your account, here at Follow Turbo, you can track the influx of new Instagram followers in real-time.

We also offer, at no additional cost, the Custom Likes system, which allows you to send your balance of likes to feed posts chosen by you.

In other follower purchase platforms, the likes go to random posts. Here at Follow Turbo, you can choose which of your posts you want to boost.

Follow Turbo is the only website that offers these functionalities, which is why we confidently claim to be the best website for purchasing Instagram followers (and, considering everything that's included, we're also the most affordable).

No fakes, no foreigners - buy real followers

Talk to customers from other websites that sell Instagram followers, and you'll notice a pattern: most of these people share stories of regret because they didn't receive real followers.

They thought they were buying real followers and ended up being followed by Arabs, Russians, Indians, or fake accounts of any other nationality.

At Follow Turbo, we take your engagement seriously. You get exactly what you've contracted for: if you bought real followers, you receive real followers.

We want people to visit your Instagram and see an authentic profile.

See how we can deliver high-quality profiles

When it comes to buying Instagram followers, Follow Turbo stands out for its strategy to ensure organic and engaged followers.

We use an engagement exchange platform, where people are paid to follow and like profiles, thus ensuring real followers.

Additionally, Follow Turbo employs a rigorous process of selection and analysis of followers in its database. This ensures that only high-quality followers are offered to clients, thereby increasing the likelihood of interaction and engagement with the profile.

Gain more followers organically after purchasing from Follow Turbo

Purchasing followers from Follow Turbo is just the first step in boosting your Instagram profile. After acquiring a solid follower base, you can then utilize various marketing strategies to attract more potential customers to your profile.

A substantial follower count not only garners interest but also encourages others to follow your profile, spurred by the belief that its popularity signals valuable and interesting content, thereby creating a herd effect.

Additionally, you can further enhance your profile by purchasing likes, reels views, and comments. These additional interactions will help increase your visibility and reach the Explore tab, where you can attract even more followers organically.

Followers + likes = your profile appearing on Instagram’s Explore

The Instagram algorithm works like this: if a post has many likes, the system understands that it's good content and should be shown to more people.

And that's where these posts appear in the Explore section, reaching thousands of people - and that's where your posts will be with Follow Turbo.

Remember: when buying followers with us, you will automatically receive likes as well.

The result is that your profile is prominently featured by Instagram's algorithm, and you end up appearing to more people.

Engaging and interactions with acquired followers

After buying real followers, more people may appear in your audience interested in getting to know you better or learning about your company (due to the herd effect).

So it’s important to nurture relationships with these new organic followers to turn them into loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Some tips for doing so include:

Nowadays, many famous personalities, such as bloggers, singers, TV hosts, and soccer players, rely on Follow Turbo to grow their Instagram profiles. Take action now—purchase followers and dramatically boost your Instagram presence.

Is it possible to purchase 10K Instagram followers at a cheap price?

Yes, it's possible to purchase 10,000 Instagram followers at an affordable price through Follow Turbo. With an investment equivalent to $109, you can acquire a large number of real followers for your profile.

Having 10,000 Instagram followers increases your credibility and authority, since a large number of followers indicates that your content is relevant and interesting. Additionally, it allows you to reach a wider audience, increasing the chances of interaction and engagement with your posts.

In summary, purchasing Instagram followers in 2024 can be an effective strategy to enhance your online presence.

However, it’s important to take some care when choosing a service, ensuring that you are gaining high-quality followers and that the process is secure and reliable.

Follow Turbo excels in this aspect, offering real followers, along with a money-back guarantee and personalized support.

Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your Instagram profile and gain new organic followers.

Follow Turbo: a reliable website to buy followers

Follow Turbo is one of the most traditional companies in the market, with over 38,000 clients who have purchased followers with security and confidentiality.

Our website guarantees a secure and reliable platform for purchasing followers, evidenced by:

You should know: having served thousands of customers throughout, we have never had an account suspension.

Our website is reliable for purchasing followers because it adheres to international security standards and complies with Instagram's policies. Buying Instagram followers is trustworthy and does not result in account suspension.

Is purchasing followers illegal or is it a crime? Absolutely not.

Purchasing followers offers a rapid and cost-effective method for expanding your presence on Instagram, completely within legal boundaries.

If your question is 'Will my account be suspended if I buy followers?' The answer is also no. We have developed the website in a reliable and safe manner, respecting Instagram's limits and guidelines.

There are over 38,000 customers and no complaints regarding account suspension due to purchasing followers.

With Follow Turbo, buying followers for your Instagram is risk-free.

Do you have any doubts?

Talk to us on WhatsApp and clarify all your questions with a human attendant (no robots, no call center).

If your question is “will my account be suspended if I buy followers?” The answer is also no. We build our website in a reliable and secure manner, respecting Instagram's limits and guidelines.

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